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Bike Path

Keep our Kids Safe as they Ride their Bikes to Conn Elem!

Did you know that currently the City of Raleigh is considering adding more parking along Brookside Drive INSTEAD of adding a Bike Lane for children to ride their bikes to Conn Elementary School???


What is Planned?

In an attempt to slow down aggressive driving on Brookside Dr. and to increase parking for future multifamily projects on Brookside, the City is proposing to add parking on both sides of Brookside Dr. Advocates have instead been requesting regulated parking on one side and a PROTECTED bike lane added to the Conn Elementary Side.

What do we propose?

Neighbors and parents of Conn Elementary feel strongly that allowing optional/regulated/timed parking on one side of Brookside and creating a PROTECTED bike lane on the Conn Elementary side is a happy medium in order to help protect children who ride their bikes to school, and still accommodate extra parking and aggressive driving.


What can you do?

Well, it's pretty simple, just send an email to our city council members letting them know that you prefer a PROTECTED BIKE LANE! You don't need to be a cyclist or have children to agree that the safety of children getting to and from school is an important topic!

We have tried to make it easy for you - below is an email address and a template email you can simply cut and paste!

Who should I email?

Subject Line?

What should I say?

Brookside Dr. Bike Lane Support for Conn Elem

To whom it may concern:

I am in favor of prioritizing the continuation of the PROTECTED BIKE LANE on Brookside Drive near and around Conn Elem. For many reasons, the safety of the children that have to walk and ride bikes to school every day must be considered first and foremost for any proposed changes to this busy corridor. I would greatly appreciate you taking our neighborhood and safety into consideration.

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