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Building Wealth with Passive Income & Rental Properties

Saturday, April 6, 2024


In-Person Seminar - $225

NC State University McKimmon Center

*Lunch Included*


This seminar is only offered once a year!

Have you always been interested in real estate investing?

Want a source of income that is passive?

Looking to add to your retirement income?

Our annual Building Wealth with Real Estate Investing course is being hosted on April 6, 2024 from 8:30-5pm with an In-Person or Virtual option. Get started on your way to building real estate wealth and income now - we may be on the horizon of one of the best times to enter the market in our area! 

This all-day course is hosted by a local investor with over 2 decades of investment, real estate and renovation experience, and also happens to be an Amazon Best Selling author with his Real Estate Investing Book. Simply put, this course is for anyone looking to start or grow their real estate portfolio, either to supplement their current income or help secure their financial future.


We will examine real estate investment opportunities to build wealth and passive income. Just about every topic imaginable will be covered from what makes a good investment property, where to find them, how to run a cash-flow statement, how to manage tenants and even short term rentals, such as owning an Airbnb.

The instructor will show actual examples from our local market. You will dive deep into rental homes in the local market as a way to build a portfolio – from the initial setting of goals to financing the property; through budgets, cash flows, depreciation, analysis of investments, and even taxes and future profit realization. Discussion will also go into LLCs and the set-up of those structures for real estate, along with insurances and evictions. This is a true A-Z learning opportunity!

In Person Price: $225.00

Some of the main topics covered:

  • Establishing real-world investing goals

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Picking the right investment property

  • Investing with higher interest rates

  • Managing investments during a recession

  • Budgets and day to day operations

  • Tenant management

  • Financing options with limited cash

  • Creating and managing your LLC

  • Lease-to-owns

  • Depreciation, taxes and Insurances

  • Evictions and future resale of your home

  • Carrying costs, vacancies and insurances

  • Tax & Exit strategies to keep more of your money

  • Subject-To’s

  • Short Term Rentals (Airbnb/VRBO)

Hosted by the author of the Amazon Best Seller and
Voted #1 Best Single-Family Real Estate Investing Book by the
American Apartment Owners Association - 2023

(click image to view on Amazon)

Approved for NC Real Estate Continuing Education Credits

I just wanted to thank you. I honestly enjoyed this class and learned so much! You were a great teacher. Please let me know if you ever do any additional classes. I don’t know what else I could learn but I would certainly be interested in taking it.   

- Olivia M.

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing class today! My brain is exploding. You covered every single thing I had questions about AND covered so much more that I never would have even considered. Thank you so much! 

 - Dianne D.

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