Investor & Agent Coaching

Individual, Team or Office

This is one of our most personalized and unique offers to our Investor Teaching portfolio.  We offer individual coaching, as well as real estate team and brokerage coaching and training on not only how to become an investor yourself, but also how to best serve investor clients.


Each training and coaching session is personalized to the individual or office and offers a much broader opportunity for Q&A.  This is also great for investors who want to analyze an individual project or portfolio.

Many brokerages and BIC's have enjoyed these training's that can range from a 1 hour intro session up to several sessions of a few hours.  Training agents to expand their clientele has always been a great path to growth.

Here are just a few topics that we train and coach on:

~Help investors & agents set short and long term investing goals

~Practice deed searches

~Explore various financing options

~Learn about Hard Money and SDIRA

~How to find and examine residential rental properties

~Full cash flows with depreciation and recapture

~How to run property analysis for rental & sales comps

~Tenant management and evictions/small claims

~Budget examples for 'fix-and-flip' properties

~LLCs, taxes, foreclosures and many other topics

~Growing your investor clientele base

~Individual programs can be designed for specific topics of need

Discounts and Special Pricing for Groups and Past Students