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Have an advocate on your side during the renovation process!

Are you a home owner looking to do a renovation on your home? Or possibly a novice investor working with a contractor on a renovation project? Time and time again, I see contractors who impose their will and design choices on a client either because it makes the project easier for them, or more profitable for them. If those choices also align with the best overall finished project, then it's not a big deal, but typically the easiest or cheapest way isn't the best.

With our 20+ years experience in construction, real estate sales and investing, we have a wealth of knowledge in helping homeowners and investors alike as they move through the design and construction phase of any project. Here are just a few of the things we do:

  • Assist in the design, layout and blueprint phase

  • Evaluate the material and design selections

  • Walk the job site with you and your contractor as a third-party to assist with the success of the overall project

  • Analyze the comparable properties in your area to assist with the selection process

  • Go over the budget, allowances and possible overages with you

  • Review the contractor terms requested

This process is meant to give you an independent third party as a trusted source of the current real estate and renovation market to help ensure your project goes as smooth as possible. Too many homeowners simply follow the contractors lead without knowing what questions to ask or how to know if the quality of construction is up to par. We see investors make choices on projects which can severely impact the final value of the property, as well as homeowners live with projects they're not fully satisfied with simply due to not having a trusted source on their side. 

As with all of our consulting, each package is customized to the client from as little as a one-time meeting to review the project, all the way to a full package of job-site walkthroughs and weekly scheduled meetings. It's all about what you need!

Discounts and Special Pricing for Groups and Past Students

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