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"Building Wealth"

One Day Seminar

This one day course is one of our most popular offerings! This one day course is an A-Z covering of investing in residential real estate to build wealth.  The focus is on purchasing rental properties and building a cash flowing portfolio that creates wealth at the same time. Great for investors, both novice and intermediate, as well as NC Real Estate Brokers. Here are some of the main topics covered:

Establish real world investing goals

Learn various strategies to start and leverage assets to grow

Discover how to choose the right home for your goals

Financing options

Tenant Management

Creating & Managing your LLC

Full cash flows with depreciation and recapture

Carrying costs, vacancies & insurances

Future resale options

Many other topics covered

Extensive Q&A

*Video recording with the booklet is also available in our Online Store*


A look into today's real estate market

This course is spread out over 7 weeks totally 21 hours. Once a week, we meet at Wake Tech or NCSU, from 6-9pm. During this course, we cover tons of information regarding investing in residential real estate, including rentals and fix-and-flip properties. Here are some of the main topics covered:

Help novice to intermediate investors set short and long term investing goals

Practice Deed searches

Explore various Financing options

Learn about Hard Money and SDIRA

How to find and examine residential rental properties

Full cash flows with depreciation and recapture

How to run comparable property analysis for rental & sales comps

Tenant management and evictions/small claims

Budget examples for 'fix-and-flip' properties

LLC's, taxes, foreclosures and many other topics

Many other topics covered

Extensive Q&A

Building Wealth & Flip It

"Read between the Lines"

NCREC State Approved Continuing Education

This is our NC Real Estate Commission approved course to count towards your real estate elective credits.  This 4-hour course is currently hosted at Wake Tech Community College on a rotating schedule. This course is designed to help NC real estate brokers assist their clients in establishing a residential real estate investment portfolio of rental homes.

The course is designed to have agents feel comfortable designing a custom real estate portfolio for scalable residential investment customers.  Agents will learn to analyze assets in order to advise on varying factors that affect property returns. Examples from the local North Carolina market will be discussed to appraise students calculations, estimates and return percentages through in-class evaluation.

Individual Coaching & Project Analysis 

Our team of professionals can help you with a variety of individual goals.  We help clients create and establish realistic goals and a game plan to reach those goals.  We also offer 1 on 1 coaching to help someone start or expand on their residential real estate portfolio. Individual project analysis is another offering that we can provide.  We offer phone consultations, as well as video conferencing and in person meetings.  Usually, these are done on an hourly basis, and a quote can be provided once we get a better picture of what you're looking to accomplish and what benefit we may offer.

CE & Coaching

Pre-Registration & Discounts

Most of our courses sell out quickly, so we keep a running waiting list.  This list is FREE and when the classes are opened for registration, you will get the first 24 hours to sign up before any one else!

This is a great way to stay informed of our courses as they become available!

We also offer discounts to past students, referred students and have awesome group rates!  Let us know what you're interested in and we'll be back in touch ASAP!

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