Flip It!

A look into today's real estate market

This course is spread out over 7 weeks of instruction from 6-8:30 pm once a week. 


During this course, we cover tons of information regarding investing in residential real estate, including rentals and fix-and-flip properties. Here are some of the main topics covered:

  • Help novice to intermediate investors set short and long term investing goals

  • Practice deed searches

  • Explore various financing options

  • Learn about Hard Money and SDIRA

  • How to find and examine residential rental properties

  • Full cash flows with depreciation and recapture

  • How to run property analysis for rental & sales comps

  • Tenant management and evictions/small claims

  • Budget examples for 'fix-and-flip' properties

  • LLCs, taxes, foreclosures and many other topics


Each session includes extensive Q&A and class discussion.

Due to overwhelming demand, this class has completely sold out for the 1st half of 2021.  Please use this link to register for a cancellation spot or pre-register for the next course or other offering.

Update on Schedule

Future course date: Fall 2021

Location: Wake Tech sponsored

Discounts and Special Pricing for Groups and Past Students