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Office & Team Training

Customized to your goals!

Office CE & Mentoring

Office CE & Mentoring

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One of our specialties is Real Estate Office and Team training. The unique aspect of this option is that we customize the program to your office specifically.  This is not a pre-made, run of the mill plan, but rather we start by having a 30 minute one on one talk with the your office broker or team lead to see what aspects of investing  you want to focus on.  It could be an overview of teachings so that your real estate agents can sell more homes to investors, or it can be specialized down to teaching just lessons on cash flows, goal setting, tax consequences or a host of other topics. This is a unique a la carte type of program that is geared solely towards your specific needs.  We even offer in house classes where the agents invite their best clients to tag along and learn side by side.  While the ultimate goal is education, as a brokerage, these trainings should have a direct impact on increased sales.

Some brokerages and teams simply need a one time 2 hours in office course, while others opt for a more regimented course of 4-6 weeks of set schedule training.  No matter what your need, we can tailor our program to you office.  It's also a great way to help offset the cost among many agents.

Our initial set up call is risk free and no charge to you.  Once we get a feel for what it is you need, we send you a no obligation preliminary proposal for you and your agents to review.

Here are just a few topics that we train and mentor on:

~Help investors & agents set short and long term investing goals

~Explore various financing options

~Learn about Hard Money and SDIRA

~How to find and examine residential rental properties, along with full cash flows

~Full cash flows with depreciation and recapture

~How to run property analysis for rental & sales comps

~Tenant management and evictions/small claims

~Budget examples for 'fix-and-flip' properties

~LLCs, generic tax implications, foreclosures and many other topics

~Growing your investor clientele base

~Individual programs can be designed for specific topics of need

***Please note, even though we assist in real estate investment planning and financial suggestions, we also strongly encourage you consult a CPA, attorney or any other specialist before making any financial or real estate decisions to ensure you're evaluating any possible risks or other implications that may impact you***

Discounts and Special Pricing for Groups and Past Students

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