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Portfolio Review

Designed for the Intermediate

Level Investor

While many of our teaching and coaching programs are geared towards beginner investors, we also offer coaching and training's for those investors who have started their real estate portfolio's already. Typically, this investor would own 2-5 homes and want to learn how to continue to grow their portfolio holdings or learn how to more effectively manage their existing assets.

For the investors looking to grow, we analyze their current real estate holdings for leverage opportunities and help them implement strategic financial tools to assist in the growing of their assets. For the investor looking to create more efficiencies within their current portfolio, we look at your vacancy rates, expenses, improvements, rents, NOI and overall portfolio to squeeze more profit and have the portfolio operate smoother. This program can be as small as the analysis of an individual project all the way up to a complete portfolio review.

With this package, we also team up with other local investors for individual one-on-one meetings to get more expert input. Since the investors who use this service already have a base level of knowledge, it's critical that we dive deeper into the investment world to explore all the options available. In addition to meetings with other investors, we team up with local lenders, both of traditional money and hard money, to ensure you're utilizing the best option at hand for your goals.

Our initial 30 minute set up call is risk free and at no charge to you! Once we get a feel for what it is you need, we send you a no obligation preliminary proposal for you. The best part of this is that it's all customized to your needs!  

Discounts and Special Pricing for Groups and Past Students

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